FAO GLOBEFISH team meet delegation from Shanghai Ocean University / 粮农组织GLOBEFISH团队接待上海海洋大学代表团


On 29 March 2024, a delegation from Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU) visited FAO headquarters and met with the FAO GLOBEFISH team. The ensuing discussion included a review of cooperation activities dating back to 2016, and possible future work. As a partner of FAO GLOBEFISH, SHOU has contributed to the sustainable development of international fisheries and aquaculture by conducting annual joint workshops; producing market information about local markets and products; providing translations; and promoting the exchange of experts and interns. In the future, it is expected that cooperation will be enhanced and expanded to different areas, such as capacity-building activities and training; joint research to develop information products and technical studies on markets and trade; as well as exchange of personnel, including activities under China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative.

2024年3月29日,上海海洋大学代表团访问粮农组织总部,粮农组织GLOBEFISH团队与该代表团会面,会上回顾了自2016年以来的合作活动并展望了未来。作为粮农组织GLOBEFISH的合作伙伴,上海海洋大学通过开展年度联合研讨会、提供地方市场与产品信息、翻译以及专家与学生交流等,为国际水产品的可持续发展贡献“海大智慧” 。在可期未来,双方将在中国“一带一路”等能力建设项目和培训、贸易与市场方面信息产品和技术问题的联合研究与开发、人员交换等方面加强现有合作并进一步扩展相关领域的合作空间。

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