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WTO Public Forum 2021 – Trade Beyond COVID-19: Building Resilience


This year's Public Forum, entitled “Trade Beyond COVID-19: Building Resilience”, looked at the effects of the pandemic on trade and how the multilateral trading system can help build resilience to COVID-19 and future crises. The Public Forum had three subthemes:

  • Enhancing Resilience beyond COVID-19
  • Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System
  • Collective Action towards Sustainable Trade

The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division participated during the Forum by organizing the Working Session “Fisheries and Aquaculture Production and Trade: a Multistakeholder Call for Sustainable Growth, based on predictable multilateral rules and Intrinsic Resilience”, which took place on September 30.

This Working Session showed how innovation and alternatives in the complex fisheries and aquaculture value chains created business opportunities. It also presented how having WTO rules on fisheries subsidies can contribute to sustainability gains linked to a common good and enhancements of the multilateral trading system. The Working Section demonstrated how the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries gained a significant sustainability catalyzer in 2021. 

To watch the full session: Sustainable and Resilient Fisheries & Aquaculture under WTO - YouTube


  • Ms. Citlali Gómez, Founding Member and CEO, Neminatura
  • Mr. John Keeler, Founder and CEO, Blue Star Foods
  • Ms. Thais Mesquita, Counsellor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brazil
  • Mr. James Brown, Team Leader, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand


  • Mr. Marcio Castro de Souza, Senior Fishery Officer, Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, FAO

Download the full pannelist presentations 

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