04 March 2015
- Yvette Diei-Ouadi, FAO Fishery Industry Officer, tells about the role and the contribution of women to the fishery value chain in West Africa.
02 March 2015
- Assistant Director-General, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Árni M. Mathiesen presents an outlook for global fisheries and aquaculture and their contribution to preserving food security.
10 February 2015
- A short animation describing the UK Responsible Fishing Scheme, a voluntary vessel based programme certifying high standards of crew welfare and responsible catching practices on fishing vessels.
19 December 2014
- Is aquaculture sustainable? This video, produced by GFCM, tells about opportunities and challenges of Blue Growth in the aquaculture industry in Mediterranean and Black Sea.
10 December 2014
- IFFO recently launch their latest video on ‘the importance of omega-3s in salmon feed’. The video looks at the changing levels of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) in salmon feed along with the recommended levels for our diet. As salmon becomes a ...

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