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Inflationary pressure has seen demand shift further towards aquaculture products, which have remained relatively stable in price and supply compared to many major capture species. Price increases for capture species have been particularly pronounced for whitefish, which according to the FAO Fish Price Index rose by 55 percent between January and June.
Demand for seafood is slowing in the European market, as inflation is passed on to consumers. In a recent study on the impact of the Ukraine conflict on European Union consumer behaviour, it was found that 50 percent of the interviewed felt fish prices went up strongly. Fish was thus second only to red meat among all food products where such price increases were seen. 
Securing sustainable small-scale fisheries – Showcasing applied practices in value chains, post-harvest operations and trade presents nine case studies, each showcasing applied practices and successful initiatives in support of enhancing small-scale fisheries value chains, post-harvest operations and trade, based on the recommendations contained in the SSF Guidelines.
The first months of the year are generally a slow sales period for fishery and aquaculture products in Europe, and 2023 has not been an exception to this rule. Demand was low over the course of February, but prices generally moved up, especially for seabass and seabream and groundfish. In this issue of the European Fish Price Report, some 31 percent of the fish prices moved up, 27 percent moved down, while 41 percent stayed...
January is generally a quiet month for fisheries and aquaculture products sales in Europe, after the strong Christmas and New Year sales. Collective catering is solely responsible for some limited sales compared to a very reduced demand from retailers and caterers in Europe.