Introduction to the Tool

General presentation of the Tool

This tool came into being, after more than twenty years of Land Administration Programmes (LAP), being implemented, in response to two key needs. The first arose within the teams responsible for implementing LAPs and corresponds to the need to exchange knowledge and working methods as regards the M&E systems of the programmes. The second corresponds to the need of the FAO and World Bank to standardize the experience of LAPs, to seek a common framework for evaluation and to harmonize the various M&E systems in order to have a clearer idea of the results and impacts of these programmes in the region.

This tool was developed based on the design, implementation and evaluation experience of experts at the FAO Investment Centre (CFI) and the World Bank. External consultants specializing in the issues of land ownership and M&E also took part, along with members of Project Coordinating Units (PCU) and various national land administration institutions (LAI).

See the Team that took part in developing the M&E-LAP tool.