Land Tenure and Livelihoods: What is the link?


The International Centre for Forest Research (CIFOR) is carrying out a global study on advances of land and forest tenure reforms, through a comparative analyse between Peru, Indonesia and Uganda. 

On June 2016, the preliminary results of this study were presented in Lima and Puerto Maldonado, in Peru. At the meeting were present officials government of the three countries, as well as indigenous leaders and representative of 12 communities. 

In general the study analyses how reforms have evolved and what have been their impact, it also highlights the challenges of the implementation, such as the clarification of the roles of local governments and the involvement of women in these processes. 

It is important to point out that the two sessions of work shed light on the few progress that reforms made in terms of improving the livelihood of forest inhabitants. 


Photo: Juan Carlos Huayllapuma Cruz /CIFOR