Improve Agricultural Monitoring Systems through Satellite Imagery for Iran

Component 1

Develop an innovative Agricultural Monitoring System

The project will establish an operational and innovative national agricultural monitoring system integrated with remotely sensed data and technology to improve crop status monitoring, area estimates and yield forecasting.

It will benefit from the multi-temporal and recent satellite images related to a range of crops across the country, and innovative methods to enhance national forecasts and crop yield estimates will be developed.

The project will focus on the identification of a strategy for acreage and yield estimation, based on an assessment of the existing methodology optimized by remote sensing that will be scaled-up to national level. The key approaches proposed to address current issues in agricultural monitoring include:

  • In depth analysis of Iran’s existing agricultural monitoring methodologies
  • Identifying the main sustainable methods and tools
  • Developing innovative, up-to-date and/or complementary agricultural monitoring systems and improving the quality of data
  • Improving data collection, analysis and dissemination systems based on advanced approaches and technology and the integral use of remote-sensed data
  • Improved area and yield forecasting and crop monitoring and estimation, based on geospatial information