INPhO, the Information Network on Post-harvest Operations, aims at promoting good practices in post-harvest activities for agri-food products and to assist in the expansion of agribusinesses by providing access to technical data and information.  The site is currently undergoing a review to improve user-friendliness. This information resource is managed by the FAO Nutrition and Food Systems Division.

Post-harvest technologies

Technical and investment guidelines for milk cooling centres
This publication focuses on the planning, feasibility, start-up and operation of milk cooling centres (MCCs). It reviews small-scale milk cooling and preservation technologies employed around the world. It discusses the steps to be followed when establishing a new MCC and selecting appropriate equipment and technology for sustainable operation of the MCC, especially in developing and transitional countries.

Technical authors: Anthony Bennett, Tek B.Thapa, Sonnet Malakaran
Year: 2016


Milk and dairy products in human nutrition
On the role of dairy products in human nutrition and the transformations of investment in dairy-industry.

Empowering women in Afghanistan: reducing gender gaps through Integrated Dairy Schemes

Smallholder Dairy Methodology
Development of a standardized baseline for quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions in smallholder dairy systems.