Soy Embutido

Soy Embutido


soya, beans: 4 cups
onions: 1/3 cup
egg, chicken: 6
celery: 1/4 cup
flour, wheat: 6 tablespoon
onion, green: 1/3 cup
pepper: 4 teaspoon
salt, table: 2 1/2 tablespoon
pork, chorizo: 1
pickles: 1/2 cup
oil, cooking/salad: 1/2 cup
biskotso: 1 cup
milk, powder: 1/2 cup

Dish Type: Main Dish

Country: Philippines
Cooking Time (minutes): advanced (over night)

1. Soak soybeans in water overnight. Drain for 5 minutes and fry until golden brown. Boil in water for 45 mn. Drain and remove beans coats.
2. Grind using a meat grinder and mash with a pestle. Mix all ingredients except the hard boiled eggs.
3. On a piece of clean cloth, spread the mixture over "sensal". Arrange hard boiled eggs (cut in quarters) on the mixture. Roll into desired shape and wrap. Tie at both ends. Cook by steaming for about 45 mn.
4. Unwrap and fry in hot oil until golden brown. Cool and slice into serving portions. Serve with catsup or tomato sauce.

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