Fitz and Peas Salad

Fitz and Peas Salad

onions: 1/2 29
egg, chicken: 3
pepper, black: 1/4 31
peas: 1 29
shrimps: 2 29
salt, table: 1 31
sauce, mayonnaise: 1 29
texturized vegetable protein (tvp): 1/3 29

Dish Type: Salad

Country: Philippines
Cooking Time (minutes): quick (30 minutes or less)
1. Combine all ingredients.
2. Use lettuce as garnishing and arrange sliced eggs on top.

TVP as Texturized Vegetable Protein is soybean processed as fiber or chunk and is used as food ingredient. Rehydration procedure: 1) Soak one part TVP to 3 parts water for at least 1 hour. Drain. 2) Boil 3 parts water, then add 1 part TVP. Simmer for 3 mn or until completely hydrated. Drain.

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