Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake

cassava: 120 6
egg, chicken: 2
sugar: 1 29
cheese: 4 27
coconut, milk: 1 1/4
shortening: 3 27
buko: 1 29

Dish Type: Dessert

Country: Philippines
Difficulty: Easy
Cooking Time (minutes): quick (30 minutes or less)
1. Melt shortening. Beat eggs; add sugar, melted shortening, and coconut milk. Add cassava powder, buco strips, and 2 tbsp cheese; mix well.
2. Line a greased mold or a pie pan with wax paper. Pour in mixture.
3. Bake at 350 degrees F for 50-60 minutes. When almost done brush with butter, and sprinkle top with sugar and remaining cheese. Continue baking until golden brown.

Sweetened macapuno may also be used as a topping.

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