Cowpea Garifoto

Cowpea Garifoto

tomatoes: 200 6
onions: 60 6
cowpeas: 340 6
water: 2 10
egg, chicken: 2 or 3
shrimps: 20 6
salt, table:
oil, cooking/salad: 120
gari: 230 6
tomato, concentrated: 30 6

Dish Type: Main Dish

Country: World
Difficulty: Easy
Cooking Time (minutes): quick (30 minutes or less)
1. Wash and boil the cowpeas until soft and dry.
2. Beat the eggs and add some ground onions, salt, and tomato paste.
3. Fry into an omelette and cut into strips.
4. With the remaining oil make a sauce using fresh ground onions and tomatoes, the paste, ground shrimp, pepper, and salt. Do not add water.
5. Sprinkle the gari with water to dampen it, then toss lightly. Add to the sauce and mix well.
6. Add the cooked cowpeas and mix. Serve decorated with the strips of omelette.

DOVLO, Florence E., WILLIAMS, Caroline E., ZOAKA, Laraba (1976), Cowpeas - Home preparation and use in West Africa (IDRC), ISBN 0-88936-071-5, reprint 1984, Ottawa

5 - 6