leeks: 1 bunches
potatoes: 1 pounds
onions: 2
water: 3 l
celery: 1/2 cup
gherkin: 2
salt, table: 4 teaspoon
peas, split: 2 cups
pork, bacon: 1 cup
pork, sausage: 4

Dish Type: Soup

Country: Netherlands
Cooking Time (minutes): long (over 2 hours)

1. Soak peas in cold water for 12 hours. Boil gently for at least 2 hours (unless quick-cooking peas are used).
2. Add bacon, potatoes, salt, celery with leaves, carrot, leeks, and onions.
3. Cook until everything is done and soup is smooth and thick.
4. Add Frankfurters in last 10 minutes of cooking.

The soup tastes even better when served one day after it is cooked. That is why it is made in big quantities.

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