Roasted Corn and Cowpea Porridge

Roasted Corn and Cowpea Porridge

onions: 60 6
cowpeas: 230 6
flour, maize: 340 6
water: 2 10
shrimps: 20 6
salt, table: 20 6
oil, cooking/salad: 120

Dish Type: Side Dish

Country: World
Difficulty: Easy
Cooking Time (minutes): quick (30 minutes or less)
1. Boil the cowpeas until very soft ans some water remains
2. Add the oil, ground shrimp, and salt.
3. Mash the cowpeas against the pan.
4. While boiling, add the roasted cornmeal and stir briskly to make a stiff porridge.
5. Mould into serving portions with a plate or calabash.
6. Serve with meat or fish sauce or stew.

Cowpeas may be cooked in coconut milk (i.e. dry coconut grated and mixed with water and strained.) In this case, do not add oil.

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5 - 6