Kagera Basin Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management Assessment

Land Use Systems Map of the Kagera basin - click to enlarge

The Kagera TAMP project has used the LADA methodology to undertake an analysis of land degradation status, trend, causes and impacts. Also, the method has been used to analyse the existing SLM measures and their effectiveness and impacts.

Further to that, a geographical scale assessment of the LD and SLM is undertaken through the LADA-WOCAT Questionnaire for mapping.

The goal of this exercise is to obtain a picture of the distribution and  characteristics of land degradation and conservation / SLM measures for a district, a  province or the country. The final output are maps on the status, causes and impacts of land degradation as well as status and impact of conservation and SLM measures for major land use systems in the area.

The questionnaire is used as an evaluation tool for land degradation and  SLM and multidisciplinary conservation activities undertaken in the provinces and by a  team of land degradation  and conservation specialists with different backgrounds and experiences,  in  consultation with the land users.


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