Kagera TAMP / 29 - 31 August 2011 Regional Technical workshop on Land planning and management

Ciphas Hotel/White Horse Hotel –Kabale, UGANDA (29-31August 2011)

The workshop presented the tools and methods used to assess land degradation and select SLM treatments and discuss components of the required enabling environment for SLM: land tenure and land use planning. Developing Payments for Environmental Services (PES) were explored as a means of supporting the sustained adoption and replication of SLM after the project ends in 2013.

Building on an initial regional review of PES schemes and a parallel PES online discussion, workshop participants shared their experiences and identified opportunities to upscale existing PES schemes within the basin (so far mostly on tree carbon) and to replicate promising PES models in the region that have succeeded in involving downstream water users in SLM pilots upstream (eg. in Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Potential investors will be identified and discussion on the enabling policy and institutional environment, as well as capacity gaps that need to be supported by K-TAMP to enable the development of PES schemes in the basin were central during the workshop development.

To inform these discussions, a parallel discussion has been launched on the FAO PES online community- please send us your views and join by sending an email to: [email protected]