Training of district's dydrographic catchment committees in Rwanda

RNRA, in collaboration with Kagera TAMP, Rulindo, Gasabo and Nyarugenge Districts has organized 3 day training which intended to build capacity of hydrographic commitee members about water resources management regulations and watershed management. The training offered an opportunity to operationalize these committees by facilitating them to elect their management bureaus and discuss the action plan.One of the discussed issues is the rehabilitation of Yanze river. Yanze river produces 80% of water used in the city of Kigali, it rehabilitation must be a priority for the population of the upstream and downstream. It rehabilitation is being implemented by RNRA through Reserve Forces through bamboo planting along its banks.In his remarks Deputy Director General/IWRM thanked the participants and said that the role of these committees goes beyond watershed management but should also discuss about water supply to different uses. He invited various stakeholders to support these committees and help other Districts to establish and operationalize these hydrographic committees. The training of Gasabo, Nyarugenge and Rulindo were closed by a field visit in Yanze catchment to understand the protection status of Yanze river.

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