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Rwanda: Preliminary Findings of the Water Tenure Assessment Discussed in a Scoping Meeting


Assessing water tenure arrangements is one of the outcomes of FAO’s project Knowing water better: Towards fairer and more sustainable access to natural resources for greater food security (KnoWat).

On July 9, a virtual scoping meeting was conducted to review water tenure assessment preliminary findings in Rwanda. The meeting involved 20 stakeholders from different government institutions. 

The sociologist and the legal consultants of the project presented the findings including literature review,  the proposed field research areas and the guiding questions of the water tenure assessment for subsequent field in-depth research. 

The stakeholders validated the initial preliminary research, the proposed research areas (Yanze and Muvumba catchments) and the methodological approach and tools to be used during the in-depth research. After the scoping meeting, the team will meet key staff in the Ministry of Environment of Rwanda for additional information and details in relation to water resources management.

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