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Senegal: Results of the field mission (June 2021)


An exploratory field mission for the KnoWat project took place in Senegal from 14 to 19 June. The mission was organized in collaboration with the National Council for Consultation and Cooperation of Rural People (CNCR) in order to validate the area of study for the water tenure assessment.

Mr Lamine Samaké, National Coordinator of the KnoWat project, Mr Papa Faye, Socio-anthropologist Consultant, and Mr Moustapha Ngaido, Legal Consultant, participated in the mission.  

The participants visited the Departments of Saint-Louis (commune of Ross Béthio) and Podor (commune of Podor), in the Saint Louis region. The mission allowed the team to collect preliminary information on the study area, particularly on the different types of water tenure. 

The activities focused on three main points: interviews with various stakeholders in the area, site visits (agricultural plots, pumping stations, basins, watercourses, etc.), and working sessions with the focal points of the targeted localities.  

The follow-up actions of the mission include the collection of documents and territorial information systems related to the water issue from SAED, the Regional Division of Hydraulics, the OMVS Documentation and Archives Center, the Governance Archives Service, and projects and programs involved in the St. Louis region. The documentation will be the subject of a review, to then develop the methodology of the water tenure assessment study and make a validation. 

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