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KnoWat stories from the field – meet the people who make a difference


The project Knowing water better (KnoWat) has strengthened the capacities of key actors in Rwanda, Senegal and Sri Lanka in the management of precious water resources through better water accounting, tenure, and productivity assessment. Three articles tell the story of people who have made a difference on the ground.

Follow Jean d’Arc Mubaranyanga, a broccoli farmer in Rulindo, Rwanda, Ousmane Ly, a pastoralist in the Senegal river Delta, and Medhani Jayakody, Chief Engineer at the at Sri Lanka’s Irrigation Department, as they relate how KnoWat has supported them in making better-informed decisions about water resources.

>>> Rwanda: Harnessing the source of life 

>>> Senegal: Poems and a project for peace 

>>> Sri Lanka: Reaping the fruits of data in the paddy


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