Digital agriculture


Technological innovations and digital technologies are changing the food production systems. The emerging digital system has the potential to boost stakeholders’ access to information, helping to increase production and productivity but has to face with some constraints, such as the possibility to access to the digital tolls and the ability to collect, analyze and use data to optimize agricultural practices.

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KOFAP work on digital agriculture

The KOFAP Smart Fisheries Co-Management (SFC) project focuses on assisting countries to better understand the concept of co-management, implement co-management tailored plan and evaluate their efficiency. In the broad forecasted activities, it foresees the production of a toolbox and an e-learning course to supplement the Fisheries Co-Management Guidebook. E-learning and mobile learning are knowledge sharing tools accessible through an internet connection and are more cost effective than class trainings, more flexible in terms, more focused on specific subjects. Digital devices can be also shared to fill the gap of available resources.

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