SVC4SIDS marks the start of black mackerel and tuna upgrading strategies in Cabo Verde


The SVC4SIDS inception workshop held in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, on 6 and 7 December 2022, marked the official start of the project activities in the country. The SVC4SIDS project aims at improving opportunities for the black mackerel and tuna fisheries in Cabo Verde and enhancing sustainable development and the competitiveness of associated value chains by working closely with all relevant stakeholders.

On 19 January 2023, sector-wide representatives met to define working mechanisms, validate the terms of references of the Cabo Verde value chain task force and kick-start the co-development of black mackerel and tuna value chains upgrading strategies. Composed of the Direção Nacional de Pesca e Aquacultura (DNPA), Instituto do Mar (IMAR), Inspeção Geral das Pescas (IGP), Associação dos Armadores de Pesca de Cabo Verde (APESC), as well as 3 private companies, the task force’s objective is to ensure ownership of and commitment to upgrading strategies and full-engagement in its medium and long term implementation.

During the meeting, the main outcomes of the participatory assessment (SWOT analysis) conducted last December in Mindelo were presented for approval.The strategic vision and its translation into strategic axes were also discussed. Furthermore, specific objectives, intermediate results, and suggested activities were proposed to enable members to start the work of co-developing the upgrading strategy.

The group emphasized that particular attention should be given to enhancing the capacity building of fishery operators and their associations and diversifying fish products not only for the processing industry but also for the fishing community. The members also highlighted the need for improving fish landing and selling conditions.

Participatory and dynamic engagement with stakeholders is crucial to the project’s success, and the task force will periodically convene to ensure the continued participation of all the actors. SVC4SIDS aims to build a clear vision for sustainable fisheries, building on stakeholder engagement by leveraging dialogue and consultation.