SVC4SIDS - Tuna and mackerel scad upgrading strategy launch event


Mindelo, Cabo Verde, 9 June 2023

After the official launch of the “Sustainable Fish Value Chains for Small Island Developing States (SVC4SIDS)” in Cabo Verde in December 2022, the “Tuna and mackerel scad upgrading strategy launch event” is the culmination of efforts and a vital step towards achieving sustainable fish value chains. The event will bring together national and international stakeholders to discuss and endorse the upgrading strategy and implementation plan for these value chains while fostering stakeholder ownership and commitment. SVC4SIDS will support the upgrading strategy and its implementation until July 2025

The project’s participatory approach ensures inclusivity in leadership and decision-making processes. Since December 2022, the project has been actively co-constructing these upgrading strategies with the Value Chain Task Force in Cabo Verde (TF-CV).

The event is scheduled to take place on 9 June 2023 in Mindelo, Cabo Verde. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in French and Portuguese.