SFC to empower Vilankulo fishing communities


In its commitment to empower fishing communities for sustainable livelihoods, the Republic of Mozambique initiated a collaboration with the FAO project Smart Fisheries Co-management (SFC). The collaboration aims to foster a cooperative approach to managing the country’s fisheries resources and enhancing the capacity of both governments and fishing communities in fisheries co-management.

The SFC Project launch in Mozambique took place on 22 December 2021, marked by an Inception Workshop in Maputo. During the virtual event, participants collectively established a common understanding of the project's anticipated impact, outcome, outputs, and activities, aligning with the project's workplan.

Stepping ahead, a Site Inception Workshop was held in the Vilankulo district on 16 November 2022. This event introduced the SFC Project at the site level to finalize a detailed action plan. The Ministry of Sea, Inland Waters, and Fisheries, represented by the National Fisheries Administration (ADNAP, IP), identified the fishing communities of Macunhe and Guitine in Vilankulo, Inhambane Province, as primary beneficiaries. The government authorities of Inhambane Province underscored the project's importance, requesting its presentation in the Ordinary Session of the Provincial Coordination Council.

Due to the growing interest in the topic, a third fishing community, Mabandene, sharing the same fishing ground, was included in the project in 2023. On 9 November 2023, the project was introduced to the Mabandene community. Fishers acknowledged the significance of their inclusion, recognizing shared fishing grounds with the previously selected communities.

Mozambique’s Institutions recognize the need for sustainable alternatives to alleviate fishing pressure and compensate for closed seasons. They also emphasize the importance of developing capacity in coastal fishing communities, urging a strong commitment from the project for impactful results. In response, the project pledged to increase its presence and interaction with fishing communities, focusing on strengthening the organization of the Community Fisheries Council (CCP) and defining sustainable, diverse livelihoods within the fisheries-based ecosystem. As the project advances, its success will be measured not just by its actions but by the positive and sustainable transformations it brings to the lives of the fishing communities involved. 


Introducing the project in the fishing community of Mabandene


Interacting with the fishing community of Macunhe



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