Smart Aquaculture Biosecurity highlights at Peru Project Planning Workshop


Launched in 2020, the "Smart and Sustainable Aquaculture through Effective Biosecurity and Digital Technology" (referred to as "Smart Aquaculture Biosecurity, SAB") seeks to promote biosecurity governance, foster sustainable shrimp farming, and address potential risks within the aquaculture value chain. The project is funded by the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea.

The project will present its objectives to the Republic of Peru during a Project Planning Workshop (PPW) which will be held in virtual mode on 12 December 2023.  

This event provides a platform to showcase the project's background, objectives, outputs, and activities to key stakeholders in the shrimp aquaculture industry, including governmental authorities, industry representatives, and academia. The workshop also aims to enhance the understanding of the governance structure related to aquaculture, health management and biosecurity, and food safety. It also seeks to assess the current state of information and communication technology and infrastructure relevant to the shrimp aquaculture sector in Peru.

The outcomes of the PPW will include a good understanding of the SAB project and the shrimp aquaculture value chain in Peru. This initiative represents a collaborative effort towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and fostering a resilient, sustainable future for global aquaculture.



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