Meet the team

The KOFAP combines various expertise and backgrounds teaming together to achieve a better, innovative and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture sector



Nada Bougouss (Ms): [email protected]

Yeseul Byun (Ms): [email protected]

Hao Bin (Mr): [email protected]

Roiti Kienene (Ms): [email protected]

Vanessa Lodi (Ms): [email protected]

José Lopez Da Veiga (Mr): [email protected]

Elisabetta Martone (Ms): [email protected]

KwangSuk Oh (Mr): [email protected]

Seonyoung Park (Ms): [email protected]

Turan Rahimzadeh (Ms): [email protected]

Melba Reantaso (Ms): [email protected]

Nianjun Shen (Mr): [email protected]

Yumi Son (Ms): [email protected]

Dimitar Taskov (Mr): [email protected]