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Local Means Local: New Tools for Strengthening Community-Led Development

27/01/2021 27/01/2021

The Movement for Community-Led Development (MCLD) has conducted the first-ever assessment of the state of community-led development (CLD) programming, unpacking the current practices of CLD in 176 programs across 65 countries

Join MCLD on Wednesday, January 27 as they share the findings of this research and launch new collaboratively developed tools to assess and improve locally-led development programming. During this event, you will learn more about what organizations are doing when they say they are undertaking CLD programming and how locally-led programming differs across contexts. MCLD will introduce an Assessment Tool that can be used for self, peer, or participatory review to make our programs more “local” and community-led, and a Quality Appraisal tool to ensure that the evaluations of such programs are robust. This will be a valuable learning event for anyone involved in international development — Donors, Policy-makers, Directors, Program Managers, Monitoring, and Evaluation Officers. 

The event will be conducted in English and French. It will include a plenary and two short workshops on the tools. For further information, click here.



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