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Let’s talk: forecasting for early action in eastern Africa

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02/03/2022 02/03/2022

An event hosted by the Anticipation Hub

Join the 1st Anticipation Hub Community Conversation to learn more about the work of our partner - the IGAD Climate Predictions and Applications Centre (ICPAC) - and how they plan to support anticipatory action scale-up in the Eastern Africa region through enhanced collaboration around forecasting for early action.

See more details and registration here.

The session will involve an engaging interview with audience participation, followed by Q&A.

  • Interviewee: Ahmed Amdihun, PhD, Programme Coordinator, Disaster Risk Management, IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre- ICPAC
  • Interviewer: Jemimah Wakini Maina, Climate Office, ICHA, Kenya Red Cross Society

Join us to find out more about:

  • What ICPAC does and why this is important for the anticipatory action community
  • Challenges and opportunities for scaling up anticipatory action in the eastern Africa region
  • ICPACs collaboration around anticipatory action and their need for partnerships
  • Opportunities for continuing dialogue and knowledge exchange through the Anticipation Hub.
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