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Food Systems Solution Dialogues | May - July 2023

04/07/2023 08/07/2023


The Food Systems Solutions Dialogues are purposeful and organized events which bring together National Convenors, along with other food systems actors, to share their experiences and insights on food systems.

The Hub has organized monthly Food Systems Solutions Dialogues since April 2022, on a wide range of technical topics, including financing food systems transformations, coalitions of action, governance and institutions, health and nutrition, and the role of the private sector. 

2023 Schedule of Food Systems Solutions Dialogues

This year's dialogues will feature insightful discussions and innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our global food systems, bringing together Food Systems National Convenors and other government participants, experts, and stakeholders from across various sectors to share experiences and expertise. 

Invitations to participate in these dialogues will be extended to National Convenors and other government participants, UN Country Teams, the Food Systems Ecosystem of Support, the United Nations system, and other actors of support.

The Hub will also be organizing Food Systems Solutions webinars which will be open to all interested parties. 

  • 21 June: LEARNING for food systems transformation
  • 5 July Global touch point

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