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Webinar | Linking financial services and social protection for resilience

19/06/2019 19/06/2019


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19 June 2019
2:00 PM CEST - 3:00 PM CEST

Climate-related shocks and stresses threaten people and communities around the world, compounding existing poverty and vulnerabilities and undermining long- term development. Facilitating the access to, and use of, well-designed financial services such as savings, loans and insurance has shown potential to support resilience, allowing people to prepare for, cope with and adapt to shocks and stresses. The role of social protection programmes in helping people anticipate and cope with climate-related shocks and stresses such as droughts or floods is also increasingly appreciated. The Kenyan government has recognised the importance of financial services for strengthening development and enhancing resilience, at the same time as it has engaged in efforts to increase the adaptiveness of its large-scale social protection cash transfer programmes.

This webinar will share Kenya’s experience in this area and explore the potential, as well as the limitations, of more closely linking cash-based assistance and financial inclusion interventions to build the resilience of households to climate-related shocks and stresses. By assessing whether participation in social protection programmes facilitates access to financial services, it feeds into wider policy discussions in Kenya and beyond around integrated resilience interventions, financial inclusion, social protection and graduation. 

The Webinar is organized by Mercy Corps, the Overseas Development Institute and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre in conjunction with the BRACED programme.

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