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Webinar | Responding to Covid-19 through youth-led digital solutions in agri-food systems in Africa

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02/06/2020 02/06/2020 13:00-14:30 Rome time (11.00-12.30 Accra time and 14:00-15:30 Nairobi time)

This webinar is part of the Digital Innovation Dialogue series and is co-organized by FAO Regional Office for Africa and Generation Africa

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Webinar agenda

  • Opening remarks by the moderator
    Ade Freeman, Regional Programme Leader,FAO/Regional Oce for Africa
  • Introductory presentation: Covid-19 and digital technologiesin Agri-Food Systems. How importantare they?
    Dejan Jakovljevic, Director a.i., InformationTechnology Division (CIO), FAO
  • Discussants
    Brian Bosire, Founder and Chief Executive Ocer, UjuziKilimo (young agripreneurfrom Kenya)
    Jennifer Okoduwa, Co-founder, Foodlocker (young agripreneur from Nigeria)
    Lacina Koné, Director General/CEO, Smart Africa Secretariat
    Rebecca Enonchong, Board Chairperson, Afrilabs
    Edson Mpyisi, Chief Financial Economist. Coordinator-Enable Youth Programme- African Development Bank Group
  • Questions and answers
  • Closing remarks
    Dickson Mbando Naftali, Head of Generation Africa

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Speakers Biographies

Digital Innovation Dialogue was launched in early 2019 by Digital Innovation Team at CIO to serve as a forum to enhance knowledge sharing and mutual learning between multidisciplinary innovation practitioners and FAO colleagues through open and informal discussions.


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