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Technical Series and Partners Round Table on the Conceptual Framework for Addressing Acute Malnutrition in Africa’s Drylands

10/12/2020 10/12/2020

Please join FAO and Tufts University for the technical series on the conceptual framework for addressing acute malnutrition in Africa’s drylands in October and November 2020 and the Round Table in December 2020. Events will be in English and French.

Childhood wasting is an increasing global public health problem and studies have shown that emergency rates of global acute malnutrition persist in the longer-term in some dryland contexts—even in the absence of an obvious emergency and despite ongoing packages of essential nutrition interventions. 

FAO and Tufts are co-hosting this technical series to review the basic drivers of malnutrition in Africa’s drylands and discuss an adapted conceptual framework for addressing acute malnutrition in Africa’s drylands.

Visit the series website for background on the series, welcome videos, details about each panel, and opportunities to get involved.

It's encouraged to attend all of the events in the series. You must register for each event separately. The events will be in English with simultaneous translation to French.

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