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Webinar | How market systems development (MSD) enhanced Nigerian farmers’ resilience to COVID-19

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26/01/2021 26/01/2021 08:00 - 09:00 am (NY/DC)

The webinar will provide evidence from the work of two programmes in the Niger Delta - the UK Aid-funded Market Development in the Niger Delta (MADE) programme and The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta's (PIND).

The COVID-19 pandemic - and restrictions on economic activity imposed by the Government of Nigeria to contain it - threatened to cause severe economic hardship for smallholder farmers and other enterprises in rural areas. PIND Foundation has spent 10 years working in the Niger Delta - a region beset by conflict and insecurity - to build stronger, more resilient market systems serving farmers and other people living in poverty. It collaborated extensively over seven years with MADE.

Now, new evidence is emerging about how this past investment in market systems development (MSD) is helping businesses to adapt, weather the new crisis and continue serving smallholder farmers.

This webinar will explore the nature and development of this market system resilience, including the strengthening of relationships between lead firms and local service providers.

It will describe how the system adapted to help farmers withstand the ‘shock’ of COVID-19 and how PIND Foundation facilitated a more rapid response by market actors to work amongst themselves.


  • William Grant (DAI): Introduction to PIND Foundation and the MADE Nigeria programme
  • Precious Agbunno (PIND Foundation): The impact of the COVID pandemic on agri-service providers and how they have adapted to keep services going for farmers
  • Dara Akala (PIND Foundation): How PIND and MADE strengthened market systems in the Niger Delta
  • David Elliott (Gallus Edge) : Reflections on deeper market systems and their role in creating resilience

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