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Gaming for Peace in Somalia

Young men and women embracing technology to promote peace in Somalia

Communities in southern Somalia have had to cope with increasing scarcity of natural resources. This combined with a lack of basic services has compounded levels of need and increased the likelihood of conflicts. Young people from two communities in Somalia, Buufow and Shalanbood are 'changing the game' and embracing technology to promote peace.   

The story: Gaming for peace 

The Promoting inclusive action in peacebuilding (PIAP) initiative is working with young people to realize their goals in actively participating in decision-making and accountability at multiple levels. The project is facilitating youth-led prioritization of canal rehabilitation via gamification, using a “Play for Peace” mobile application, the aim of which is to generate enjoyable, healthy competition between mixed youth groups from both Shalambod and Buufow villages. Women’s groups, irrigation committees and farmer cooperatives, among other local decision-making bodies from the area, will help to identify which rehabilitated canals can equally benefit members of the two communities. Households at large will also participate in the selection process by “voting-in”, learning of the project itself (as well as how to select which canals to rehabilitate) via radio announcements and an interactive voice recognition system. Once canals are selected, youth members will advocate for the broader community to rehabilitate their tertiary canals by hand – as well as develop resource management plans that will help govern the use and maintenance of the water sources.


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Somalia | Gaming for Peace: The young women embracing technology to promote peace in Somalia

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