KORE - Knowledge sharing platform on Emergencies and Resilience

This webinar series was organised with support from the European Union. SAFE webinar I: Overiew of Terminology, Cross-cutting Issues, Challenges and Coordination5 September 2017  -  15.00-16.45 CEST (UTC/GMT+2) SAFE webinar II: Approaches, tools and case studies13 September 2017  -  11.00-12:45 CEST (UTC/GMT+2) More [...]
Building resilience through dialogue and negotiation in a contested area between Sudan and South Sudan
The Abyei Administrative Area (AAA) is a contested zone located on the central border between South Sudan and Sudan. Its status has remained unresolved since South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011, and the governments failed to agree on the [...]
East Africa
Prevailing severe dry weather conditions, virtually since October 2016, have affected rangelands and crops in large parts of East Africa, causing a serious deterioration of food security conditions in the subregion. This Special Alert highlights the following major areas of [...]
Currently, the world is faced with an unprecedented call for action at a moment in which three countries (Somalia, Yemen, and northeast Nigeria) have been identified at risk of famine, after the declaration of famine in South Sudan early this [...]
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