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Increasing profitability of livestock production to strengthen resilience to drought and market volatility within protracted crises
Unfavourable conditions due to an arid environment, access restrictions and a protracted crisis context have contributed to the fragility of local production systems in the West Bank, where most Bedouin families rely on livestock as their main source of income. [...]
Building resilience in disaster prone areas in Central America’s Dry Corridor
The most vulnerable part of Central America is the “Corredo Seco” (Dry Corridor), an area running across of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, which is characterized by very variable and extreme weather conditions: regular abnormal dry spells and droughts, [...]
Semi intensive egg production to support the resilience of livelihoods in protracted crisis
The large influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon (an estimated 1.5 million) constitutes a major challenge across all sectors. The impact on the agriculture sector is particularly worrying, as this is the main source of income and livelihoods for a [...]
Animal disease control to support resilient livelihoods in protracted crisis
The large influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon, an estimated 1.5 million, constitutes a major challenge for the country. Many refugees arrive from neighbouring countries with a large number of unvaccinated livestock, thereby increasing the risk of transboundary animal diseases [...]
Reducing vulnerability to food and nutrition insecurity in dry, urban areas and protracted crisis situations through efficient resource use
  Food production in the Gaza Strip is constrained by an arid environment and limited access to steady sources of water. This threatens the food security and nutrition of local communities, which is further undermined by a wider context of protracted [...]