KORE - Knowledge sharing platform on Emergencies and Resilience

Dimitra newsletter 28 highlights experiences of development approaches that are helping in the fight against poverty in rural areas. Reducing rural poverty and strengthening the resilience of agriculture-based livelihoods are key aspects to which the Dimitra project is making a special [...]
The objective of this good practice fact sheet is to help anyone organizing a knowledge share fair consider the various steps needed before, during and after the event. A knowledge share fair is a buzzing, interactive and collaborative workspace, with [...]
This fact sheet offers key approaches for the preparation, implementation and follow up of an exchange visit also called study tours, so that these visits have a real impact. The target audience for this good practice fact sheet includes men and [...]
In the Sahel area agriculture is subject to unfavorable weather conditions, ultimately resulting in low crop production. In addition, smallholder farmers are often forced to sell their produce immediately after harvest — when everyone else is selling and prices are [...]
L’objectif de cette fiche est de décrire la boutique d’intrants en tant que bonne pratique au Niger et d’encourager les organisations paysannes et acteurs du développement à adopter ce mode de distribution d’intrants afin d’en garantir une meilleure disponibilité pour [...]