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Promoting a peaceful and lasting resolution to land conflicts in a protracted crisis context through a fair and environmentally sensitive approach
Since the late 19th century, the vast natural resources of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have constantly provoked violent interventions from outside the country and fueled internal conflicts. Population pressure, competition for land resources, mining, forestry and hunting, lack [...]
Consolider la résilience des communautés dans le contexte d’une crise complexe à travers une approche intégrée
Depuis 2012 la République centrafricaine (RCA) a traversé une crise militaro-politique qui a touché la quasi-totalité de son territoire et de sa population. Le conflit a provoqué une « crise humanitaire complexe ». Aux problématiques structurelles qui caractérisent le pays [...]
Consolidating community resilience by strengthening households’ social, productive and financial capacities through an integrated approach
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been promoting the ‘Caisses de résilience’ approach, a resilience-building initiative implemented in Uganda since 2008 through the Agro-pastoral Field School methodology. 'Caisses de résilience’ (CdR) is an integrated community-centered [...]
Generating income for men and women to strengthen the resilience of livelihoods
Somaliland has the world’s fourth-lowest gross domestic product per capita, according to the World Bank, and the population is at risk of different types of climate-related shocks such as droughts and dry spells, with detrimental effects on crops and livestock. [...]
Increasing profitability of livestock production to strengthen resilience to drought and market volatility within protracted crises
Unfavourable conditions due to an arid environment, access restrictions and a protracted crisis context have contributed to the fragility of local production systems in the West Bank, where most Bedouin families rely on livestock as their main source of income. [...]