KORE - Plateforme de partage des connaissances sur la résilience

This webinar was organised with support from the European Union. 5 September 2016 – 14.00 - 15.30 CEST Share your feedback on the event Speaker: Unna Mustalampi, Gender Mainstreaming Officer, FAO Moderator: Dominique Burgeon, Director of Emergency and Rehabilitation Division, and Strategic Programme Leader – Resilience, FAO The pursuit [...]
This webinar was organised with support from the European Union. Social protection webinar series: Shock-responsive social protection for resilience building 2 August 2016 – 10.30 - 12.00 CEST Share your feedback on the event Speaker: Natalia Winder Rossi, Senior Social Protection Officer, Social Protection Team Leader and [...]
Creating employment opportunities and enhancing adaptive capacities to recurrent drought within protracted crises
The West Bank is an arid or semi-arid land characterized by low precipitation with a large proportion of rainfall rapidly lost as surface runoff. While natural shocks like drought pose challenges to the already fragile water network, the protracted conflict [...]
Increase the resilience of both men and women’s livelihoods to threats and crises
Women and men play specific and complementary roles in agriculture and food and nutrition security, and building the resilience of their livelihoods in different ways. In most countries, women have less access to productive resources, services and employment opportunities than [...]
Supporting the agriculture livelihood in improving the dairy value chain in a protracted crisis context
The agricultural sector in Lebanon and particularly the milk and dairy segment represents one of the major sources of income for rural poor farming communities in Lebanon. FAO, in collaboration with the Government of Lebanon’s Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and [...]