KORE - Plateforme de partage des connaissances sur la résilience

Rapport d'analyse de la résilience No. 14
Ce rapport se penche sur les dimensions de la capacité de résilience des ménages mauritaniens. Les résultats de l’analyse RIMA (Mesure et analyse de l’indice de résilience) fourniront des faits probants visant à démontrer les facteurs qui permettent à certains [...]
In this bulletin:   Thirty-four plant and forest pests and diseases and animal and aquatic diseases were forecasted by FAO experts for the period October-December 2018. A total of 281 forecasts were conducted in 116 countries.  Food Chain Crisis (FCC) threats are expected to [...]
Elevated risk of deterioration in food security in pastoral areas across the Sahel and Lake Chad Basin
Poor rains in 2017 affected livestock across the pastoral areas of the Sahel. Persisting insecurity hampers access of animals to the grazing areas in northeastern Nigeria, northern Mali and the Lake Chad Region. Large concentrations of livestock in safe areas [...]
The 26th issue of the Food Chain Crisis (FCC) Early Warning Bulletin, covering the period between January and March 2018, integrates and analyzes information on transboundary animal and plant pests and diseases threatening the food chain for the three months ahead, grouped by region [...]
Harina Devi Khatri and her husband Bishnu are vegetable farmers with three children who live in Hirapur Doti district in Nepal. Thanks to the BRACED Anukulan project they are now linked to markets and services through their local Rural Collection [...]
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