KORE - Plateforme de partage des connaissances sur la résilience

Building climate resilience for food security and nutrition
Evidence continues to signal a rise in world hunger. According to available data, the number of people who suffer from hunger has been growing over the past three years, returning to levels from almost a decade ago. The absolute number [...]
9 May 2018 12.00-13.30 (UTC / GMT +2) To join the webinar please click here.  The Fall Armyworm (FAW), an insect pest native to the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, was first detected in West and Central Africa in early [...]
Fall armyworm monitoring and early warning system (FAMEWS)
Fall Armyworm (FAW) (Spodoptera frugiperda), is an insect pest of more than 80 plant species, causing damage to economically important cultivated cereals such as maize, rice, sorghum, and also to vegetable crops and cotton. It is the larval stage of the [...]
Enhancing livelihood resilience and social cohesion between refugees and host communities
More than 5 million Syrians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries as a result of the Syrian crisis. Despite the support provided by host governments and humanitarian actors, refugees in the region are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Turkey hosts the largest [...]
Thursday 18 January 2018 FAO Headquarters, German Room C-269 Introduction The importance of energy access for affected populations in the context of acute emergencies and protracted crises cannot be overstated. Nearly 60 million people are currently displaced due to violence and conflict, and [...]
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