MAFAP and EU JRC support formulation of Kenya’s new plan for agricultural transformation

11 May 2018
As part of MAFAP’s ongoing support to the formulation of Kenya’s Agriculture Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy (ASTGS), MAFAP experts participated in the recent workshop organized by the Government of Kenya to validate the new Strategy document.

In May 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MOALF) requested the technical contribution of MAFAP and the Joint Research Centre of the European Union (EU JRC) to the diagnostic analysis of the ASGTS. Based on MOALF’s request, MAFAP and JRC experts analyzed the social and economic impact of various policy options to identify the key sub-sectors and value chains that drive the sector. The analysis explores the most rewarding agricultural spending options to guide the Government of Kenya in the design of the new Strategy and the accompanying National Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP).

The workshop, that brought together various stakeholders from the public and private sectors, international organizations and academia, provided the right stage to present the policy implications and actionable recommendations that emerged from the analysis. MOALF’s Agriculture Secretary highlighted MAFAP’s contribution as a crucial input for the Strategy to guide government spending, promote efficient mobilization of resources and better target the most beneficial policy options.