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MAFAP presents latest price incentives analysis at major NARO-MAK agriculture conference in Uganda
Nana Nkuingoua presented MAFAP’s latest analysis on beef price incentives at the 3rd Joint National Agricultural Research Organization and Makerere University’s Scientific Conference in Kampala
FAO steps up support to Kenya on reforming its food and agriculture policies to boost inclusive agricultural transformation
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, FAO Kenya and FAO’s Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies programme will monitor public spending in agriculture and effects of public policies on prices for farmers and producers
New MAFAP team meets for the first time to take stock of 2022 success and strategize for 2023
The team behind the Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) programme reunited for the first time in Rome since the pandemic and the start of the 2021–2026 phase of the FAO policy support programme.
MAFAP’s public expenditure support gains ground in Nigeria
The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the MAFAP team hold joint workshop in Abuja to validate data collected for new public expenditure analysis
New MAFAP studies set to help Uganda prioritize investments in agricultural sectors across districts with untapped potential to spur growth and reduce poverty
A suite of economic studies by FAO, validated with experts of the Government of Uganda, shows modest but well prioritized investments in agriculture will benefit the economy, household wellbeing, and lower food prices, and reveals which Ugandan districts should be prioritized for public investments in cassava, coffee, goats, maize and millet
MAFAP renews efforts to support Ethiopia in repurposing food and agricultural policies to boost inclusive agricultural transformation
The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and MAFAP launched a project to support ongoing reforms in the agricultural sector
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