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New webinar: A deeper dive into public spending food and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
Join the MAFAP team on 15 July at 15:00-16:30hrs for a technical webinar to explore in deeper detail the findings and analysis for the programme's latest report
New MAFAP report out on public expenditure on food and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
Launched today with a high-level webinar, the technical report delves into over 10 years of public expenditure data, revealing the trends, challenges and priorities that governments in sub-Saharan Africa are facing in terms of public spending on food and agriculture.
Public purse under pressure webinar: MAFAP
MAFAP will host a special webinar to mark the launch of a new report on public expenditure on food and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Speakers include FAO DG, FAO Chief Economist, the IMF, the EU and AGRA and will be moderated by the BBC's Bola Mosuro.
MAFAP blog for LSE Africa: Four policy game-changers for post-pandemic African agriculture in 2021
In a guest blog for Africa at LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), we set out four policy tools for African leaders to better prioritise and plan food and agriculture policy in 2021.
UN News chats to team behind MAFAP Burkina Faso agriculture investment report
The UN's French language radio and online news service - ONU Info - interviews economists from MAFAP and the Burkina Faso Ministry of Agriculture about investment options for the sector to boost food security and agricultural transformation.
MAFAP study on agriculture investment in Burkina Faso featured on BBC Focus on Africa
The BBC's World Service interviewed MAFAP Manager Christian Derlagen on spending and investment priorities for agriculture in Burkina Faso. How much does the West African country spend on agriculture and what difference would greater investment more bring to the sector and society?