Annual ECAMA Research Symposium in Malawi

MAFAP participated in the second annual research symposium of the Economics Association of Malawi (4-5 June) focused on agricultural transformation and value chain development, by presenting three studies on key agricultural policy issues. Two papers related to the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) were discussed in the FISP dedicated session. The first one assesses the socioeconomic effects of two potential FISP reform options on the profitability, competitiveness and protection of the maize value chain. The second paper explores the links between the FISP, livestock and diet diversification by using a nationally representative sample of rural farmers.
MAFAP presentations are available at the following links:

Cost-benefit analysis of policy reform options: an  application to the Farm Input Subsidy Program and maize value chain in Malawi

Last but not least: The impact of the Farmer Input Subsidy Program on livestock sector in the rural areas of Malawi

Assessing the Policy Environment for cash crops in Malawi

Type: Other publications and resources
Date: Jun 2015
Country: Malawi
 - Southern Africa

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