Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme

Workshop on “Peatland paludiculture - an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livelihoods”

From 10/05/2016 1:00 To 11/05/2016 1:00
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

As part of the government commitment to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions, FAO and Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry are organizing a workshop “Peatland paludiculture – an opportunity for climate, ecological and socio-economic benefits” that will gather main stakeholders involved in the peatland management processes.

The workshop aims to support the national strategy to reduce negative consequences of peatlands drainage such as GHG emissions, increased fires frequency, land degradation and biodiversity loss. Moreover, the workshop will provide a platform to develop a roadmap for piloting paludiculture, and to discuss the classification criteria for mapping, MRV of peatlands management impacts and explore sustainable peatland management strategies.

The Ministry sends invites to the workshop.

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