Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme


Type: Publications
Year: 2010

This global survey of agricultural mitigation projects provides a summary of projects that have introduced smallholder farmers to activities to reduce GHG emissions in agriculture. It contains data on 50 agricultural projects focusing on climate change, of which 22 were developed with the objective of mitigating greenhouse gases in agriculture.



Type: Publications

This is the executive summary of the Regional Analysis of the Nationally Determined Contributions of Eastern Africa. the full report can be found here.

The agriculture sectors in Eastern Africa represent a pivotal opportunity for simultaneously leveraging the mitigation potential of the region, while enhancing adaptive capacity and food security outcomes through a transition to more sustainable agriculture and land use. However, change will only come about if supported by appropriate policies, institutional arrangements, capacity development and finance mechanisms. By highlighting the gaps in the coverage of mitigation and adaptation actions in the agriculture sector, as well as illustrating opportunities for enhancing climate ambitions in the next round of NDCs, this analysis can serve as an important roadmap for directing future investment and international support toward low‑emission, climate‑resilient and inclusive agriculture systems in the region. 

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