Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

Green Cross Belarus

Green Cross Belarus is an ecological non-profit organization focused on an ecological approach in all the spheres of human activity for the sake of preserving life on the planet and the harmonious development of civilization.

Green Cross Belarus has an extensive experience in Capacity Building on Obsolete and POPs Pesticides and DDT in Eastern European, the Caucasus and Central Asian Countries.


Green Cross Belarus focusses on encouraging co-operation between governmental institutions, the public, specialists and talented youth in joint initiatives to address specific problems of ecology, science, education, culture and health care, including:

  • Raising the educational and cultural level of children and adults;
  • Raising ecological awareness of society in all the spheres of human activity; and
  • Developing international co-operation in ecology, science, education, and healthcare fields, and to bring up a new generation focussed on the elimination of the causes and the after effects of global and local ecological crises.

Green Cross Belarus in the project

Green Cross Belarus is proving the project with support in the production of national awareness raising and information materials, training, and the development and dissemination of technical guidelines on pesticide and obsolete pesticides management.


Vladimir Shevtsov


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Evgenia Rakovich

Communication Officer

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