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Programme Forêts et eau

Module 1

Can’t see the water for the trees?
October 2016
Type: Othe publication
Global Water Forum article on the need to conserve existing forests and restore key areas for the provision of water-related ecosystem services keeping in mind that hydrology-forest-climate interactions are complex in nature.
Type: Othe publication
En este documento sintetizamos las funciones que tienen los bosques andinos para la provisión de agua y la estabilidad de suelo, en un contexto de presiones humanas conocidas y de cambio climático, para reflexionar sobre cuánto (re) conocemos el valor de este ecosistema.
Water, forests, people – building resilient landscapes
January 2015
Type: Othe publication
Report on the importance of forests and sustainable forest management to achieve sustainable development and the SDGs. This report also highlights Swedish knowledge and experience in establishing resilient landscapes.
Forests and water: International momentum and action
January 2013
Type: FAO publication
FAO publication synthesizing the main outcomes of events related to the forest-water nexus as well as the forest and water agenda for the next year. This publication highlights the increasing international momentum in this area of work.
Forest-water interactions: A reply to the water yield debate
September 2010
Type: Othe publication
Presentation on the hydrological cycle and evapotranspiration, extent across terrestrial space and linkages between oceanic and terrestrial water cycles.
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