WaPOR, remote sensing for water productivity

Capacity development

Capacity development is a key element to enhance knowledge on the concept of water productivity and skills on the use of the WaPOR portal, to provide governments and farmers with the appropriate tools to support decisions and targeted interventions on more efficient water use.

In addition, it ensures the appropriate ICT solutions are implemented at field and national levels to improve agricultural water productivity in two contexts: in large irrigation schemes and in both rainfed and irrigated smallholder farming.

Near real time spatially distributed information can help understanding the performance of water management related to agriculture. ICT solutions such as applications that can be run on smartphones, tablets, and PC, have been developed to enable locally relevant use of the data from the spatial database. They can be easily used by farmers and irrigation scheme managers.

A series of capacity building activities have been developed in different countries, both at field level and at national level, with the objective to be replicated and scaled up in other areas and countries.